January 31, 2010

Marco & Polo

Marco & Polo is a 2D game developed in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2010 in Madrid. It was developed by Patricio González, Fernando Morión, Alfredo Jiménez and me. Since the theme was "Deceive", we created a game based in the swimming pool game Marco-Polo. It also had to have a monkey, so we created these characters Marco & Polo.

The goal of the game is to catch Polo in a dark scenery before the time expires. You can see Polo's position by shouting "Marco", but you can only use this ability three times.

Game Info
  - Title: Marco & Polo
  - Genre: Action
  - Platforms: PC
  - Release date: January, 2010
  - Website: http://globalgamejam.org/2010/marco-polo


Marco & Polo was developed with XNA and C#, with Notepad as level editor. The game uses only 16 colors and the music and FX were recorded using cheap earbuds as microphone.

Marco & Polo in the TV:
The Spanish TV program "Zoom.Net" covered the Global Game Jam in Madrid, and shows an interview with Alfredo Jiménez. It also shows an interview with my brother Miguel Hervás, co-author of the game Maniac Monkey. The whole show can be seen here.



Tasks & responsibilities

  - Game Design: Concept and gameplay design.
  - Level Design: Design and editing the game levels.
  - Sprites: 2D sprites and animations (Photoshop)
  - Sound FX: Sound FX recording and editing (Audacity)
  - Music: Music recording and editing (Audacity)