September 30, 2010

Level 1

Level 1 is an action and platform 3D game developed as Final Project for the Master in VideoGame Development by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. It was developed by Alfredo Jiménez, Javier Vera, Álvaro Verástegui and me, with the collaboration of Miguel Hervás (my brother) and Álvaro Calvo for the graphics, and Jesús Martín for the music.

Game Info
  - Title: Level1
  - Genre: Action / Platform
  - Platforms: PC
  - Release date: September, 2010
  - Website:


Level 1 was developed using the Nebula2 Graphics Engine. We also used Fmod libraries for the sound and PhysX engine for the game physics.


Task & Responsibilities

During the development of the game, I did some programming task involving some gameplay development, such as avatar movement and attributes, items, breakable objects with PhysX and shaders. But I assumed mainly a designer role. I worked on the design document, and helped to design characters, weapons, and general gameplay mechanics.

I also had to face my first level design task. I designed three complete levels, and worked with my brother to model and edit them. I developed some tools for object placement in 3D Studio Max, with MaxScript, that were very useful at the end.

  - Game Design: Concept and design document.
  - Level Design: Level design, sketch and edit with 3D Studio Max

  - Gameplay programming: Avatar movement, item and props behavior (C++)
  - Physics programming: Prop physics behavior and breakable obejcts (C++, PhysX libraries)
  - Visual Effects: Shader programming, particle effects (Cg)
  - Scripting: Game menus and  scripting (TCL)
  - Tools: Simple 3D Studio level editor (MaxScript)

  - Simple objects: Modelling simple objects such as crates and rocks (3D Studio Max)
  - Textures: Some game textures, and particles (Photoshop)
  - Exporting: Adapt and export all the items and levels to use them with Nebula2 Engine

You can find Level1 design documents on the documents page.

Here there are some examples of the level design (click to enlarge):

Level 1 concept
Level 3 concept

Level 1 finished in 3D Studio
Level 3 finished in 3D Studio

Level 1 in game boss battle
Level 3 in game cranes