February 1, 2011

Awarded again at the Global Game Jam in Madrid!

Last weekend, the Global Game Jam was celebrated around the world, and like the past year I was pleased to participate in it with a couple of friends. This year's theme was 'Extinction' and we tried to take it to the extreme making a game that was becoming extinct. We decided to name it delete this.game;

This is a picture of the Madrid's Global Game Jam, the Saturday morning

Although it wasn't easy to finish it up in the 48 hours we had, and we were about to give up, we managed to get it playable. Despite the grotty graphics (our main character was a pink square), the crowd liked the idea a lot, and the game was chosen as Best Game by the participants, rewarding us with a Wii console!

A screenshot of the game
You can download the game from here.

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