June 30, 2011

Tanks Classic

Following the Pixel Series' retro line, Tanks Classic tributes the classic tank battling games of the 80's consoles. It is made with a pixelated style, and it has lots of levels, different worlds and game modes.

It has lots of levels and extras. It is free at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Game Info

Title: Tanks Classic
Genre: Action / Arcade
Platforms: Windows Phone
Release date: June, 2011
Links: Official Webpage / Windows Marketplace


Tanks Classic was developed using XNA framework for Windows Phone 7.
As level editor I used the open source D2D Map editor.
For the music and sound I used DrPetter's 8-bit sound synthesizers (Musagi & sfxr).


WP7 ScreenShots:

User reviews:
  - devonaksofa - Rating 10/10 - "Simply amazing and extremely addictive. Brings back a nostalgic feeling. :-D"
  - gimmeshot - Rating 10/10 - "Takes me back-perfect!"
  - Cutler heman - Rating 8/10 - "Awesome game alot of fun!"


Concept and general gameplay design.

Level, enemy behavior and props design, editing and testing using D2D Map Editor.

Designed and implemented menus, user interface and general application flow.

Visual style and art themes definition, as well as pixel art of sprites, tiles, and backgrounds. Art and editing for visual effects and particles.

Sound, FX, and music composition using sfxr, Musagi, and Audacity.

General gameplay programming in C# and XNA. IA and pathfinding algorithms for tanks behavior. Also implementing and maintaining of tools, such as 2D Particle system editor in C#, .NET.