October 6, 2011


It has been almost a year since I began to work for the ByO research group at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (without taking into account a four months scolarship). It was my first technical job after finishing my studies, and I have learnt a lot.

Today I'm glad to present here some screenshots of the "serious game" I've been working on there for all this year.

I have been working on this little creature, EntrenaVoz, since its beginning and concept. I have worked on the design of three easily editable voice-input games, drawn the art, and coded almost everything.

And before I finish my contract with the university next week, I have been polishing all the work done to get something visible and functional, since it won't be completely finished before I left.

It is a pity to leave the research group and leave the work unfinished, but I want to try my luck in the games industry, and maybe move to another country (who knows?). I have to thank the group for giving me this opportunity to work in such a project, and thanks to Víctor for supporting me. I know that if I finally make it to the games industry it will be mostly thanks to this.

I will miss the lab. Here there is a panoramic view of it from my desktop (mashed up with photos made with my cell phone, sorry about the quality):

Try to find these curiosities on the photo:
  - A female dummy torso
  - A little green teddy bear
  - Candies!
  - A wicth's head shaped cup

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