October 31, 2011

Super Jumping Mike

Super Jumping Mike is a platformer game developed for Windows Phone. The gameplay is very simple: Tap to jump. The character advances automatically and the player has to make him jump to avoid the obstacles and reach the end of the level. The player has to get some coins to gain access to new levels.

Super Jumping Mike is the most successful Join2 Games' project at this moment, with more than 250,000 downloads.

Game Info

Title: Super Jumping Mike
Genre: Action / Platformer
Platforms: Windows Phone
Release date: October, 2011
Links: Official Webpage / Windows Marketplace


Sky Diver was developed using XNA framework for Windows Phone 7.




Helped with concept and general gameplay design.

Level design, editing and testing.

Designed and implemented menus, user interface and general application flow.

Helped with the visual style and art theme definition.

General gameplay programming in C# and XNA, 2D Particle system editor in C#, .NET.