January 30, 2012

Global Game Jam 2012: SonicRiders

Like the past two years, I've been awarded at the Global Game Jam in Madrid! 

This time thanks to the incredible musical game we managed to make in just 48 hours: Sonic Riders. The game was made by Rob Díaz, Anders Restad and me. It was a great experience like the past years and I'm looking forward to return the next year and spend a weekend again!

As this year's theme was the Ouroboros symbol, the main idea behind Sonic Riders is a infinite music loop with different sample tracks, all represented by a circular highway and the cars driving by. Each track is being activated from time to time, respawning the cars on it. A lighting barrier will make them crash if the player doesn't lower it at the right moment, making the sound play. 

The Ouroboros
The game was made on Unity from the scratch, even though I didn't had much experience with it. But I learnt a lot thanks to Rob, and managed to program the gameplay even with Javascript (a language I had never used before).

It is a tradition in the Global Game Jam Site in Madrid, to make a contest with the games developed there during the weekend and invite people from the industry to come to play and choose the best game. This year, our game was chosen among other 13 games, that were really cool too. We were awarded with a network hard drive.

As the game was made with Unity, you can play it via web browser here, or download a release for Windows or Mac from our project's page at the GGJ site.

Enjoy it!

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