December 30, 2012

Super Pixel Mike

Super pixel mike is our latest Windows Phone game made with XNA. It mixes the Super Jumping Game with the Pixel Series' look, in an addictive and challenging platformer. The gameplay is very similar to Super Jumping Mike: an auto-runner platformer game. In this case the player has two possible actions: jump and boost.

It features two game modes: Color Mode with a NES style color palette and Portable Mode that emulates the Game Boy graphic mode.

Game Info

Title: Super Pixel Mike
Genre: Action / Platformer
Platforms: Windows Phone
Release date: December, 2012
Links: Official Webpage / Windows Marketplace


Sky Diver was developed using XNA framework for Windows Phone.




Concept and general gameplay design.

Level design, editing and testing.

Designed and implemented menus, user interface and general application flow.

Visual style and art theme definition, as well as pixel art of sprites, tiles, and backgrounds. Art and editing for particle effects.

General gameplay programming in C# and XNA. Also implementing and maintaining of tools, such as level editor and 2D Particle system editor in C#, .NET.