May 26, 2013

Writing for the indie-o-rama magazine

A couple of months ago I discovered this great online magazine: indie-o-rama. Since I was searching for an excuse to get into writing about video games regularly, I contacted the team behind it and offered them my services and eternal devotion. 

At first, my collaboration would center on writing articles about video game development targeting beginner developers. When writing I've tried to not to go into the subjects very deeply, but trying to tie connections between concepts in a general way, as when I was learning it was difficult to find this sort of information.

So after writing a couple of texts, I can say writing these kind of articles it's more difficult than it appears at first instance. It takes a lot of time and I make a lot of mistakes on the writing, but it's a funny and rewarding activity I recommend to everyone, just like making games!

I'm glad to contribute to the cause and help to get indie-o-rama to the top of the Spanish indie game magazines.

You have the link to the magazine up there, and you can find my articles under the Dev Lavde header - please note that they are all in Spanish.

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