August 5, 2013

Beat The Frontiers (Concept)

The journey to the last frontier has begun, how far can you go? 

In the far future mankind has reach their peak. Everyone is happy in Earth, there is no crime and people live lives of hundreds of years. The only remaining challenge is finding out how far you are able to reach in an intergalactic journey of no return. The goal is to beat the frontiers and get as far as possible. No one has ever reached the ninth frontier.

Beat the frontiers is a minimalist game concept inspired by the Bop it! toy and arcade games like OutRun, set in a Sci-Fi space race theme. The player has to quick react to random rhythmic commands to keep the Space ship alive as much as possible and try to reach the final frontier. Taking advance of the rhythmic setting, it's aimed to have a dynamic loop-based music synchronized with the game pace and events. The progress in the core loop is aided by the shop, where the player can buy improvements and upgrades for the ship, making easier to reach further distances.

Documents and Links

Design Sheet - PDF. Created in Adobe Illustrator.
Game over screen design - PDF. Created in Adobe Illustrator
Core gameplay prototype - Made with Unity

Licencia Creative Commons
Beat the Frontiers (Concept) by Enrique Hervas (Join2 Games) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.