June 22, 2015

To the West (Concept)

For years stories have been told of lands of great treasure to the West across the sea. Many have sailed searching for them, but nobody has ever returned. Some say it is only a legend and there’s nothing more than the end of the world, guarded by the kraken.
The summer has come. It is time to see it for yourself.

To the West is an exploration game where the player has to sail a Viking boat from Scandinavia to the coasts of England and come back. The player will have to explore the sea using landmarks and the sun position to be able to orientate and reach the English land. The game is aimed to present wonderful visuals, a minimalist interface, and a great sailing experience over a vast sea with day/night cycles, dynamic weather and boat physics.

This game concept is designed to be developed by a small team with skill to achieve beautiful visuals. The mechanics have been reduced to be simple, avoiding combat, cutting down the weight of animations, characters, creatures and interface, without affecting the core gameplay. Some technical challenges still remain, as it would be required to implement an outstanding sailing system which is the core of the experience.

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Design Document - PDF. Created in Word / Adobe Illustrator.

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To the West (Concept) by Enrique Hervas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.